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About us

            Born early in 1988, we started with approximately 5 people.  Johnson Frazee was the original Pastor.  All of the original members had come from the “Church of the Nazarene” denomination.  We began with a great emphasis on youth evangelism.  Johnson and Allene Frazee dedicated a portion of their property to be used for recreation such as sand volleyball and other games.  We used some of the tithes and offerings to purchase sand for Friday night youth nights.

            We began to feel that God was beginning a Church that He intended to minister to all ages.

            Tony Frazee was ordained through the laying on of hands and prayer by the church body at that time March 5, 1988.

            The Pastor and church became hungry for more truth.  God was getting us in position for the Holy Spirit to be poured out on us.  In 1989 the Pastor received the Baptism in the Holy Spirit others also received the baptism.  Johnson Frazee built a freestanding carport onto his home that same year so the church would have a place large enough to meet.  In 1991 we enclosed the carport.  In 1993 Johnson and Allene donated their equity (their home).  Gateway Bible Church now owned property (1621 N. Pasadena)

            In 1994 the church bought 1627 N. Pasadena for a children’s worship building.  Both buildings were homes that we remodeled for church use.

            In 1997 Gateway Bible Church purchased the entire property of Johnson and Allene Frazee.  This was a miracle for a small church to be able to do this!  In 1999 a large financial gift was given and we paid off the small mortgage on 1621 N. Pasadena ($40,000).  Praise Jesus!

We began a Christian School in August 1999 and we employ 4 full time staff members:  Sr. Pastor, Secretary and 2 Supervisors.  Our vision is evangelism, discipleship and growth.

our pastors:
Tony Frazee

Lead Pastor / Overseer

Anthony Pellegrino

Overseer / Worship Leader

Joe Pollitt

Overseer / Children's Leader

Cheryl Pollitt

Children's Director

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